Groton Mystic Youth Lacrosse

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The following is a list of skills we will be teaching the girls. Concepts are consistent from Instructional through Sr, but expertise increases as they continue playing.  If you have any questions, please ask your coach.

Groton Mystic Lacrosse Association
Coaching Standards 2012

             “Lacrosse is a thinking game”

All players:
  1. Hold stick properly, consistently cradle the ball
  2. Pass and catch right and left handed
  3. Control ground balls
  4. Come to the ball – “run thru the pass”
  5. Ball…pass…pass

  1. Protect the ball, switch sides while cradling
  2. “Give and Go”
  3. Set picks, both on ball carrier’s defense and  potential cutters
  4. Dodge
  5. Off ball movement – “create space”
  6. Learn to see the 2 on 1  
  7. Shoot right and left handed

  1. Balanced stance, body to body positioning
  2. Off ball - Stick up, “ball side, goal side”
  3. Keep opponent an arm’s length away
  4. Force ball carrier : Over-play to drive weakside, to sideline or to double team
  5. Blocking – stick straight up
  6. **Seniors only**  Check downward when opposing player is scooping

  1. Stick moves like the “hands on a clock”
  2. Step to the ball
  3. Crisp clears
  4. Repetition, repetition, repetition

The Draw:
  1. Quick lift push/pull to teammate
  2. Boxing out on circle