Groton Mystic Youth Lacrosse

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These are the skills we will be teaching the boys. Concepts apply from Instructional through Sr, but expertise and complaxity increases with age. If you have any questions, please ask your coach.

Groton Mystic Lacrosse Association
Coaching Standards 2012

             “Lacrosse is a thinking game”

All players:
  1. Hold stick properly, covering butt end
  2. Pass and catch right and left handed
  3. Play with your “eyes up”
  4. Play “on your toes”
  5. Come to the ball – “run thru the pass”
  6. Off ball movement
  7. Ball…pass…pass

  1. Learn to see the 2 on 1
  2. “Give and Go”
  3. Set pick away from ball – “pick away”
  4. Shoot right and left handed
  5. Open field run “thru the check”

  1. Defense is played with the legs
  2. Off ball - Stick up
  3. Keep opponent a stick’s length away from your body
  4. Over-play right
  5. Check bottom hand (or back hand when opposing player is scooping)
  6. Use “lift check” if beaten and opposing player is shooting
  7. Riding…. “front” your opponent

  1. Stick moves like the “hands on a clock”
  2. Step to the ball
  3. Repetition, repetition, repetition

  1. Clamp and draw, quick rake
  2. Communicate with wing