Groton Mystic Youth Lacrosse

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Board of Directors Declaration

I have a fiduciary responsibility to the members to act in an informed and prudent manner.

I have a duty to represent the entire GMLA community (players and parents) and to act in their best interests regardless of my own personal involvement in the league.

I am sincerely interested in the GMLA mission.

I pledge a solid commitment to the Board (e.g. regular attendance, active participation).

I will willingly work together with our goals and directives at the forefront, demonstrate professional respect and mutual support to other members in order to make decisions that enhance the mission of GMLA

I am willing to take responsibility for Board duties & decisions.

I understand that serving as a Director is a job which requires that I:
  • Prepare for and attend Board and Member Meetings regularly.
  • Actively participate in discussions & volunteer for action items.
  • Become familiar with the Bylaws, policy governance, policies and financial statements.
  • Have access to email for Board business.
  • Advise the Board of any conflicts of interest.

Failure to comply with this declaration could result in removal from the board.